Quality assuranceSystem Engineering and Requirements Engineering

Nowadays, software is playing a major role in the competitiveness of car manufacturers, therefore we strive to offer the best services in terms of quality assurance.

Current development guidelines or audit standards such as ISO 26262, Automotive Spice, CMMI and Misra ensure a well-structured and reliable process. GESS is always conducting its processes and task completion following the above mentions standards.


When thinking of software development and quality assurance for various applications, we must in an organized way provide an overview to the general requirements and approaches to be able to implement software in the desired context.

Our standards include, among others, the requirements on the specific software development tools used in the software development process depending on the safety integrity level.

Since system engineering plays a major role within the development and deals with the design of complex products and management of the design process, we are offering our services and provide reliable and complex solutions for your requirements.

As system engineering part of the process, we analyze, create, manage, and clarify system and subsystem component specifications for the products, as a link between the customer and the product development team.

GESS leads overall requirements for system engineering in the project with full responsibility for system, and product related topics.

A major role in the development process is requirements engineering. In our mindset the process of defining, documenting, and maintaining requirements in the engineering design process is vital and defines the succes of the project from the beginning. Our abilities and accumulated experience will allow for very good support in terms of requirements engineering.

We are responsible to consolidate, monitor and drive other disciplines to ensure on time execution of requirements engineering activities.

GESS requirements engineers are specialists in mediating between the domains of customers, developers or suppliers to establish and maintain the requirements to be met by the system, function, software or hardware of interest.

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