Vehicle Tester With Experience

Department: Testing
Project Location(s): Germany
Experience: 2+ years in field

Required Tasks:

  • Driving independently and carrying out test drives according to requirements (driving profile);
  • Advanced functional testing according to project requirements as instructed by test engineer): Smoke Tests, Parking scenarios: Automated/Manual/Garage/Remote/Trained; Rim Protection, Object Detection, Vehicle Dynamics, Emergency Brake Assist for low speed (AEB), Rear/Front Crossing Traffic Alert, Free Space Detection, etc);
  • Install or remove sensors on the test vehicle;
  • Operation of the measurement technology (Logger system, sensor(s), gateway(s), reference measurement technology on/off);
  • Process and document Jira tickets independently;
  • Documentation in Confluence;
  • Start and load test configurations in logging tool;
  • Checking data communications from sensors, gateways, reference cameras;
  • Create a folder structure on the hard drive (according to the nomenclature in the project);
  • Move measurements (recordings) to the appropriate folders and sort measurement data;
  • Coordination with the responsible test engineer and reporting of the test results;
  • Sensors flash in the vehicle;
  • Table View / Osci View -> select and display specific signals;
  • Evaluate sensor performance based on defined criteria;
  • Read out error monitors;
  • Understanding of device integration and adjustments;
  • Advanced troubleshooting (incorrect integration, missing data communication, low Data rate, missing camera images, incorrect configuration, etc.);
  • (Mechanical) modifications/additions to the test vehicle such as: install/remove bumpers/bumpers, sensor housings;
  • Good spoken and written English language;
  • German language represents an advantage.


  • Attractive salary (negotiable based on technical knowledge);
  • Meal Tickets;
  • Dedicated trainings portfolio based on personal development needs and job profile;
  • One bonus vacation day for every 2 years of seniority in our company;
  • Flexible working time and remote work opportunity;
  • Private medical insurance package;
  • Bonus for internal recommendation;
  • Access to over 650 sports centers in the 7Card network;
  • Opportunity to read a lot of books from Bookster;
  • Relocation package in case of need for a convenient start;
  • High tech infrastructure.

General information and requirements for corresponding packages:

  • High Voltage training level 1 required for driving Electrical Vehicles
  • Test driver has driving training BMW “B2” + “E1”, Daimler “T2” or equivalent
  • Some of the test vehicles have a pre-production character and may be subject to camouflage regulations
  • The test vehicles are tracked via GPS
  • The assistance system to be secured is partially active, so unforeseeable events can occur
  • Vehicle instruction is mandatory
  • The documentation for this must be checked and carried out by the dispatcher
  • An above-average willingness to travel could be required for all work packages
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