Software Engineer

Department: Job Closed
Project Location(s): Job Closed
Education: Bachelor’s Degree
Experience: 5+ years in field

Job Closed


  • Working experience in Embedded C;
  • Experience with TCP/IP stack: LwIP, NetX;
  • Knowledge of SSL/TLS stack: wolfSSL, mbedTLS;
  • Experience with port middlewares: OS: FreeRTOS, ThreadX;
  • Knowledge of File System stack: FatFS, FileX or other native flash filesystem;
  • Knowledge of Java, MicroUI, Ant, Ivy;
  • Good communication skills, team player and self-organized way of working;
  • Advanced level of English (spoken and written language).


  • Attractive salary (negotiable based on technical knowledge);
  • Meal Tickets;
  • Dedicated trainings portfolio based on personal development needs and job profile;
  • One bonus vacation day for every 2 years of seniority in our company;
  • Flexible working time and remote work opportunity;
  • Private medical insurance package;
  • Bonus for internal recommendation;
  • Access to over 650 sports centers in the 7Card network;
  • Opportunity to read a lot of books from Bookster;
  • Relocation package in case of need for a convenient start;
  • High tech infrastructure.

Project Overview

  •  We are looking for a Software Engineer to join us in a challenging project. The primary goal of the project is to integrate and adapt the BSP layer of customer’s IoT platform to different IoT development boards, abstracting the low level functionality to a generic Java layer and to develop various Java applications either as demo or needed for IoT cloud connectivity.


  • Our client is a software vendor of cost-driven solutions for embedded and IoT devices. With his solutions, smart device manufacturers transform electronic products from single-purpose to software-defined, increasing scalability, flexibility, and extensibility.


  • BSP development and integration;
  • Porting customer’s platform on different IoT development boards;
  • Integrate extension modules providing Wi-Fi connectivity on development boards with only wired connectivity: Qualcomm, Texas Instruments, SiLabs;
  • Integrate and port SDKs containing MCU peripheral drivers or connectivity drivers for the expansion modules;
  • Develop and enhance unitary tests: flash tests, ram tests, core tests, filesystem tests, display tests;
  • Develop and maintain reference platforms for customer along with end customer platforms;
  • Analyze and fix problem reports in released platforms.
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