C++ Developer

Department: Job Closed
Project Location(s): Job Closed
Education: Bachelor’s Degree
Experience: 3+ years in field

Job Closed


  • Minimum 3 years programming experience in C or C++, or both;
  • Familiar with Agile methodology (with incremental/iterative mindset);
  • Experience in embedded systems development;
  • Experience in automated building and testing (CI/CD), Configuration management (GIT);
  • Technical knowledge and experience in:
    • C, C++, preferably with the modern version scoped on Embedded Software
    • Embedded systems and RTOS, Linux, Zephyr
    • Test-driven design, design patterns
    • Git / continuous integrations / Branching / How to use a VCS
    • Debugging
    • ARM architecture
    • Communication protocols (SPI, I2C, BLE, TCP/IP,..)
    • Reading the UML and developing the software based on the UML / design
    • Unit Testing
    • Bash scripting
  • Experience with microcontrollers, awareness of the difference between the host and embedded platform;
  • Good communication skills;
  • Team spirit;
  • Good English language skills (written & spoken).


  • Attractive salary (negotiable based on technical knowledge);
  • Meal Tickets;
  • Dedicated trainings portfolio based on personal development needs and job profile;
  • One bonus vacation day for every 2 years of seniority in our company;
  • Flexible working time and remote work opportunity;
  • Private medical insurance package;
  • Bonus for internal recommendation;
  • Access to over 650 sports centers in the 7Card network;
  • Opportunity to read a lot of books from Bookster;
  • Relocation package in case of need for a convenient start;
  • High tech infrastructure.

Project Overview

  •  We are looking for a C++ Developer to join our team in a challenging project around the new Generation of connected Remote Controller used to empower the use of IoT technologies. As features we can highlight:
    – Best user experience and design (for users & installers)- Connected
    – Ever evolving software (add value/feature over time, add/update compatibility, security)
    – Support the growth in the EU residential heating and cooling business
    – Support total solutions (sensors, Room control, multi-room/zone control, smart features)
  • The team is responsible for the delivery of the software, starting from the design, coding up to the CI/CD and maintenance of the delivered software. Work in an Agile way, adapted to the team’s needs: 2 weeks sprint tempo, join a daily short stand-up meeting to summarize current status and flag issues.
  • Please keep in mind the key ingredients are:
    • C++ dev for resource constrained devices
    • Modular design and agile development approach


  • You will be coding to improve or develop new features, as listed in requirements and corresponding tickets;
  • You will be involved in grooming and planning the next sprints content;
  • Align with team members, decide what ticket you want to pick up;
  • You will review colleagues work, propose improvements;
  • You will actively improve and extend your skills.
Please apply now at: careers@gess-engineering.com

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