Assistants needed for one day

Department: Testing
Project Location(s): Sibiu

Job Description:
Our projects are targeting the improvement in performance for different sensors and systems of the vehicles worldwide.
The better the system, the safer the vehicle occupants and the environment.

Being an international worldwide program, it is important to have a large ethnic diversity for our project.
Therefore, we strongly recommend the applicants to be from all-over the world with ethnic origins such as (but not limited to) eastern-asian, central-asian.
Support us in getting the best out of the technology! Make a difference and be part of saving lives!


Prototype car.

Activity Description:
Standstill activity, no moving vehicles.
Acting like a normal car driver, with different gestures, mimics, movements.
Wearing normal clothes and outfit.
Cooperate with our test engineers in following the script.
Place: Headquarters in Sibiu.
Duration: 9 hours.

What we need from your side:
Good and relaxed mood.
Openness, flexibility.
Attention and concentration for the 9 hours.
English or Romanian language at a conversational level (if not available, maybe someone from your group who can translate for you);
Good communication with the test engineers.
NO driver license is required.
NO driving actions will be executed.

What we offer:
One-time payment for your effort for these 9 hours.
Paid transportation: Transportation with our vehicles or payment for transportation according to proof (tickets, fuel, etc.);

Accommodation if needed.
A unique experience.
Very easy activity (95% sitting on a chair);
Relaxed atmosphere, very friendly colleagues.
A chance to participate to the future technology development.
A chance that your contribution will save lives of people around the globe.

Call us or write us on WhatsApp: 0747 614 225 – availability also on Saturdays & Sundays.

Or just send us your Resume:

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